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Born the first daughter, there was never any denying that Dinara Lannister would prove a force to be reckoned with. Even her birth, on a morning in one of the hottest summer days in more recent history, was an ordeal of its own, and before the babe could truly be welcomed into the world the entire castle was awoken as if called to attention by screams louder than many would assume such tiny lungs could produce. Though the family already had their son and heir in her older brother and a "spare" in her twin, Dinara's birth was still heralded with celebration, and the promise that one day the family would have another to marry off for political gain.

Growing up in Casterly Rock accustomed Dinara early on to life as rich as a Lannister. And the term would come to describe her in more ways than simply the obvious. Her parentage could never be questioned, with flowing golden locks and light eyes it was only too clear that she came from a long line of lions. But soon her most distinct personality traits were those she shared with her ancestors as well. Lanna, the name her father chose to give her as way to honor the family, after Lann the Clever, proved to be fitting too. Early on in her years of courtyard play it was evident that Dinara had a way about her that seemed to get her whatever it was she was coveting. Charismatic and charming, and equal parts bossy, more often and not people were jumping up to do whatever she bid. Most didn't even know if it was because she had made them think they wanted to, or if they were merely scared of the horrific tantrum that would be the outcome if they did not. And even young, Dinara had no qualms about stepping up and taking charge. Older children and nurses alike weren't able to boss her around unless the end result was something that suited her fancy.

But there is an exception to every rule, and in Dinara's life that exception took the form of her father. The reigning Lannister was a man some found far less imposing than his relatives, though his power and reach was just as strong. As head of the Lannister Group, the financial backbone of Westeros, it's fair to say that too many of his hours were spent traveling or working, and the vast majority of Dinara's memories of him are set against the backdrop of his office, sneaking candies from his desk with little care as to whether anyone was looking or disapproved. Only a stern word from her father could stop her hand or an escalating temper, ending a fit before one could even begin. But Titus found that compliments and words of encouragement, really the attention that Dinara craved, went miles. An off hand comment, joke really, from her father that someday she could be President was all it took to spark Dinara's interest and spur her ambitions.

From then on, Dinara spent her time devoting herself to her studies, something her mother objected was too much for someone "so pretty and well bred." To appease both her parents, Dinara kept up her social engagements, attending state dinners at the tailcoats of her father, always listening intently in a way that was meant to seem polite but was really full of rabid interest. Even in current times, Westeros was run on secrets and Dinara loved nothing more (or almost nothing) than to learn them. As she grew, Dinara blossomed into more than simply the socialite her mother would have been proud of, and she never allowed herself to be forgotten or simply a beautiful face, often speaking her mind on matters of all subjects (whether her opinions were well liked or not), charming her way into the good graces of those at court, and declaring herself to anyone that would listen the next worthy Lannister who would go off to do great things in Westeros. She spent countless hours studying at The Citadel, taking her schooling more seriously than most would imagine a girl with such social tendancies to, her drive never faltering in her goal.

Upon graduating she easily transitioned to secondary education, learning as much as she could about politics and even the people behind them. Dinara accepted a position with the Lannister Group, a move no one was surprised to learn of, working her way from an intern in the public relations department to one of the most sought after voices in the company. Even at a young age, many associated her face with the prestige of the Lannister Group. But instead of staying there, getting a beautiful corner office and continuing the family tradition, Dinara wanted more. When Ryder Stark was voted as President, Dinara offered her services as a consultant for the small council's public image, using her close proximity to carefully plant the idea that she should be his press secretary, should he win a second term. Things came together better than she could have imagined, and now with the Stark presidency drawing to a close, Dinara is doing all she can to position herself into the same position, or better, for whoever becomes his successor.
basic information
name: Dinara Loren Lannister
age: 32
marital status: single
occupation: Presidential Press Secretary
out of character
PB: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
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random facts
ONE Has an orange kitten named Leon, who she jokingly refers to as the "only man" in her life. But make a joke about her being a cat lady at your own risk.
TWO Hates being cold. Will complain loudly and often if forced anywhere the temperature isn't favorable or there is anything even resembling snow on the ground.
THREE hear me roar. hear me roar.
FOUR hear me roar. hear me roar.
FIVE hear me roar. hear me roar.