want to go somewhere?
go where?
hazel... why are you doing this?
forget it. it was stupid. i know it's stupid.
go somewhere with everrett.
he’s off on his honeymoon. just forget it i shouldn’t have bothered you.
what do you mean he's on his honeymoon?
i mean he got married and he's off on his honeymoon.
well, alright then. good for him?
do you really hate me that much?
god, of course you fucking do. forget it.
he's MARRIED you know
with ANOTHER KID on the way with his WIFE
who is this and what are you even talking about
i totally saw you yesterday outside the reception! you've always been a slut but jfc homewrecker
fuck off
are you a lone wolf?
i am. misery need company?
thinking about just getting in my car and driving.
let's go.
yeah? cool.
unless this is a trick that lands me at disneyworld, yeah!
no probably just some sleazy bar in the middle of fucking nowhere
my favorite.


June 23, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Hi Hazel, this is Maureen Shipman. I hope you remember me, I know it's been a long time since we've spoken, but I was one of your case workers with Social Services? I wasn't even sure if this was still your number but we sent a few letters to the address we had on file for you and they were all returned to sender. Anyway, I know this is out of the blue but... well, your father has been reaching out to us. He wants to get in touch with you. We didn't know if that was something you would be interested in? He's still in Marianna Correctional, but we can have you added to the call list, if you would like to speak with him. Please call back and let us know. I hope you're well, Hazel. Have a good day.
Call Back