Artist To Watch: Dance, Cry, Hex Your Ex: What Should You Do While Listening To RHODES?

Our next Artist To Watch makes perfect music for feeling feelings.

RHODES — aka Andie Rhodes, aka our new favorite ethereal badass, aka MTV’s Artist To Watch for the next two weeks — is so tuned into our emotions that she lists her personal phone number on Facebook. Which means, guys, that you can call her any time you want and spill your deepest, most buried feelings.

She’s also so tuned into our emotions — particularly the moodier ones — that her debut record, Goddess, is the perfect accompaniment to myriad activities of the ruminating variety. We made you a quiz to help you choose what to do while you explore our newest Artist To Watch’s tunes, but first, let’s get to know her a little better:

Who She Is


26-year-old LA native Andie Rhodes started making music in high school, according to Billboard, though she kept it incredibly private. "I had friends that were really into music, and there were a few things I was involved with, but everything was still really personal to me. I was mostly writing poetry, I didn't realize they were or could be lyrics until much later," she told Billboard. "But it was still such a relief. I'd write before sleeping and it would just completely clear my head. Eventually I couldn't sleep without it, it was totally cathartic."

She didn’t pursue music right away, though — first she traveled with Unicef humanitarian efforts, building schools and delivering educational supplies to developing countries. Soon, however, she teamed up with DJ/producer/her manager Trevor McFedries (better known as Yung Skeeter). From there, the strength of her music lead to tours with the likes of The Weeknd, contributed the song “Waiting Game” to “Divergent,” and her debut record, Goddess, dropped in 2014.

What You Should Listen To

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Everything and anything RHODES has ever written, of course — but, today, we have two special performances for you: “Beggin’ For Thread,” which she wrote when “I was feeling so, so low. Lower than I'd felt in a while,” RHODES told MTV News, and “Waiting Game,” the aforementioned sad and sultry song from “Divergent.”

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What Should You Do WHILE You Listen?

Take our quiz!

What’s Next?

RHODES is currently playing all of the festivals this summer, but, in the meantime, it seems she COULD be whipping up some new tunes soon. “I'm in such a writing place right now, mentally,” she told Vice. “My head and my heart are just kind of bursting with all these words I need to get down on paper. And I've been spending some time in the studio already and it just feels like this huge breath of fresh air after you've been breathing shallowly. You know? It feels really good, I mean. I can't wait to see what comes out of it.”

We second that feeling — and you should, too, to the lady herself. RHODES is waiting for your call.

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