ONTD: Oh No They Didn't!

7:13 pm - 08/04/2015

blind item

this married couple and parents of adult kids in the business are looking to get back into the spotlight. why, you ask? mom has been trying to break back for years and can't quite stomach the fact that she's only getting offered aging mother roles. and dad, dad has been enjoying his retirement by drinking. hard. none of this necessarily sounds atypical for hollywood, but they've been getting some bad press recently. especially dad for some, well, let's call it rage issues. once upon a time, he was actually praised for this but it's not the same when it's directed at your children. to turn the tide, mom and dad are shopping around the idea for a reality series that would document his foray into treatment and get her back out in front of the public eye. the problem with this, aside from the fact that dad doesn't actually care about getting sober, is that none of the kids know. and more, not one would want to be involved. throughout their careers they've all expressed how close they are, but they usually keep tight lipped about their relationship with their folks. that's pretty telling. it might be especially sad for their youngest who has also struggled (very privately) with alcoholism. it's too bad they may not have a say in whether their family skeletons are aired to the public and they're left drowning. sounds like they might want to lawyer up...


i literally have no idea but DAAAAAMN
don't let me down ontd, someone has to know who this is