ONTD: Oh No They Didn't!

7:13 pm - 08/29/2015

cap & the crew have a wrap party

After ending filming on principal photography for the Marvel sequel "Captain America : Civil War" the cast and crew, including stars Colin Wexler (Captain America), Fiona Wolfmeyer (Sharon Carter) and Jack Rhodes (The Winter Soldier), headed to a local German pub to celebrate in style. Not only did they party there, they rented out the whole joint! Numerous photos and stories are floating around on social media, including this recount of some of the night's events by a waiter...

"It was crazy... they rented out the whole place for the party and then filled the entire front room with Captain America plastic balls. Literally so many that when the director came to the door to come in he was bowled over by them! But Wexler, Fiona Wolfmeyer and Jack were out front to witness the whole thing. I think they planned it because they were hysterical over it. It helps that they were sharing a joint at the same time but there was no stopping them that night. They mingled with everybody and had a blast. They were all drinking up a storm and playing around in the ball pit having a grand old time. They seem like a lot of fun to be around."

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these fing loons omg. there are pictures of these three cracking the hell up outside with colin reading a book upside down, i don't even KNOW. but i love them. NOW I NEED THIS TRAILER.