1. block 214
    "cuz i'm not suppose to want you, cuz i'm not suppose to want you. cuz the second that i saw you started fucking with my head. and i hate the way that you know you and me are right."

    i know these are leaked notes from RHODES' phone and that's weird and all but i hope sfm these are real lyrics
  2. block 381
    former nfl star frank rhodes goes after his daughter in new leaked voicemail message, listen below...

    i just.... damn.
  3. block 21
    rhodes spotted with mystery man at coachella, weekend 2
  4. block 408

    ommmmgggg. does anyone else find this endearing and sad and cute and agljafhalj?? ..........i hate myself but i kind of ship it
  5. block 767

    THE BEST THING TO COME OUT OF THE ANDIE RHODES PHONE LEAK. i mean, they aren't nudes but that first pic is like a gift from the gods. all hail goddess rhodes for bestowing us with such beauty and hotness. AND THANK YOU TO THE COLLECTIVE WHOEVER YOU ARE, PLEASE FIND MORE SOON XOXO
  6. block 149
    Andie Rhodes hangs out @ Coachella weekend 2
  7. block 21
  8. block 172
    i obviously have no idea how she feels about it but i think it's really shitty and really stupid to post RHODES' personal phone number online. she already has a phone number posted online that she legitimately does answer on the regular. i've messaged her plenty of times and i've always gotten a reply!

    so i think all of us that are TRUE FANS and legit RHODIES should stop reading these awful things that were posted even though they're private, stop reposting them or commenting on them or whatever else and instead send her a whole bunch of really positive messages to the phone number she has always let us have.